What You Need to Know About Residential Roofing Systems


At Roof Repair Direct we know that a home is never complete without a roof, you simply need one. When looking for a roof for your home, you need something that’s long lasting and affordable. Question is which one should you go for?

Types of residential roofing in Vancouver

Ballasted roofing system

Ballasted roofing systems can only be installed over a flat deck; the system uses a ply roof membrane held together with gravel. The system is arranged over a steel deck, and is made up of a vapor retardant, insulation, roof membrane and gravel ballast.

The biggest downside to this system is that it can only be used on a flat roof(you can’t slope it). Another issue is that it can damage easily because the membrane is exposed. If you currently have one of these roofs and are experiencing a leak please contact us and we’ll send a technician from a Vancouver roof repair team.

Fully adhered roofing system

this is a roofing system that’s held together by adhesives, the system is made up of a vapor retarder, insulation, roof membrane and adhesive all placed on a steel deck. The biggest advantage with this system is that it can be installed anywhere as long as there is a slope. The materials are also light, meaning that there won’t be too much dead weight on your home. Contact your local Vancouver roofing contractor for more information.

Torch-on roofing Vancouver systems

This is a long lasting and resistant system created with modified bitumen, apart from being long lasting, this system is also very easy to install.

The biggest issue with this system is during installation. The problem is you need an open flame torch to install(fire hazard) the roof. Therefore if you are planning to install this system you should take all necessary safety precautions.

Mechanically fastened systems

This is a flexible roofing system that can be installed on any shape or slope,the material used to build this system is light making it easier to work with. The real problem with this system is that the membrane is exposed, meaning that the roof can be damaged easily.

Protected membrane system

This system is expensive, but it does come with the benefit that it stabilizes the roof membrane and can last for a very long time. A major flaw with this system is that locating a leak on it can be a very difficult task. The system is made up of a concrete deck, roof membrane, insulation, filter fabric and on top of all of that gravel ballast.

Built up roofing (BUR)/pitch/tar and gravel roof

This is a relatively inexpensive system that is perfect for areas with extreme weather, the system is built with three or five plies of roofing felts attached with asphalt. The problem with this type of roofing system is asphalt slippage; therefore this system shouldn’t be used on steep slopping roofs.

Another problem is the smell it produces, which can be unappealing to some people. The system is made up of a steel deck, vapor retarder, base insulator, fiberboard insulation, felt, asphalt and a mixture of gravel and asphalt at the top.

The biggest problem with installing a roof is hiring the wrong person to do it, if the North Vancouver roofing contractor doesn’t know how a system should be installed then there will be problems. So make sure that you always hire an experienced roofer.