Should You Repair or Replace Your Roof?

Replace your residential roof.

Replacing a roof should always be a last resort, meaning that you should only do it when necessary. Why? Replacing a roof is not cheap; the costs will run into thousands of dollars. Roof Repair Direct is here to help you fill in some of the blanks when it comes to roofing.

One mistake most homeowners make is neglecting their roofs; imagine this, under the right conditions your roof can last for more than 25 years without needing replacement. But if you don’t take care of it you will have to replace it.

Learn to identify problems

Your roof ages just like everything on the planet, this means that the older the roof is, the higher the likelihood that you may have to replace it.

Identifying problems with your roof is not always easy, sometimes you will have to put some effort into it, for example, the best way to find a leak is to wait for the rains to come, or you can use a water hose to find the exact location of the leak.

The easiest way to identify roof problems is to look for:

  1. broken/cracked tiles, concrete shingles or slate
  2. dents on vents or gutters
  3. leaks on your ceiling
  4. missing shingles
  5. chipping or discoloration
  6. breaks and holes

Once you identify a problem, the next thing is to get it fixed as soon as possible. A word of caution when hiring a person to repair your roof, make sure that the person knows exactly what he’s doing. If you hire the wrong person, they may add further damage leaving you with no choice but to spend thousands to replace the entire roof. Always have your North Van roofer check give you a free quote before moving forward.

Water damage

Wet insulation, damp frameworks and wet spots are the biggest indicators of water damage, and it goes without mention that water damage is caused by leaks.


Taking care of your roof doesn’t require much from you, all you have to do is check it at least once a year. If you find any problems you should get them fixed as soon as possible. One function of the roof is to keep the elements out, but sometimes your roof fails to do this. Leaks may seem harmless but are in fact very dangerous for your roof. If you suspect your roof is leaking then you should contact a Vancouver roof leak repair company.

Leaks can lead to moisture, molds, rot and sometimes structural damage; this makes it very important to always ensure that your roof isn’t leaking. Some tell tale signs that your roof is leaking are:

  1. damp spots
  2. water stains
  3. rotting wood

The thing about water damage is that it is a process, it will take time. This means that if you don’t repair the leaks in time you will end up having to replace the roof when the damage becomes severe.

Tile roofs

Tile roofs if left undisturbed can last for a very long time, but they are also very vulnerable to damage especially from hailstones and severe weather. If you are living in an area where the weather is unfavorable to tiles, you should consider replacing your roof with one made from a stronger material.

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